Author: hamptdog

First Auction went Pretty Well!

Do things ever go as well as we hope or as bad as we ever fear, no we usually get what we expect or put into it and this being a second-side job at the time, it will take a bit longer to do things well, logistically, efficiently, etc. I did not advertise as well or long enough and rushed into this a little, but intentionally somewhat, so I could see what sold well etc.  But, looking at inventory upon returning it seems as though the money made today and the lots unsold does not add up, nor scratch the surface.  So good first auction!! It will get much better as we try some new stuff–hopefully and continue to learn and find time!  I am having another auction next Sunday–Primarily office furniture–for a building that is selling.  I will have pictures on here and (id # 42871). It will–time permitting also have additional, traditional Hampton’s Auction items and may just be a timed auction with primarily local pick up only or prearranged shipping (freight for the heavy desks etc.) Otherwise look for our next auction to be live online and locally, but be more specific to a few separate thematic items (cards, coins, and comic books, with a few other relative collectibles and of course and consignment will be added as special lots!  Look for more info and previews to come soon!!!!!! As I hope to do several auctions per month and potentially a couple per week with a more focused approach, and then one per month eclectic auction–blow out sale every month at the end of month–COMING SOON!

Thanks to those that attended it was fun, I was tired and a little slow and disorganized, but it was my first auction with no practice etc. You all helped me get through this one feeling good about the next ones!